From Parents Magazine:

“Every child is ready for potty training at different ages. Encourage and stick to it, but remember it can take months.” —April Gaietto

“Believe in yourself as a parent and understand most social media posts that other parents do are just the highlights. Even the best ‘Pinterest Mom’ has nights she wonders if she is doing it right.” —Sanja Boor

“Every child is different. They don’t hit the same milestones at the same time. As long as the pediatrician is not worried you shouldn’t be!” —Jaimie Davidson

“Don’t sweat getting everything on your registry before the baby arrives. Remember that many old-fashioned, don’t-jinx-things people prefer to send a gift when the baby arrives. Also, most registry spots offer a “completion discount,” or a nice percentage off anything still left on your list once the baby is born, as long as you buy the item yourself. So if you end up picking up some things a few weeks in, the bright side is you’ll get them cheaper!” —Jessica Hartshorn, Entertainment Editor, Parents

“Take advice on how to raise your little one with a grain of salt. You get to make that call ultimately no matter how much you get nagged! Times have changed and so has parenting.” —Clarissa Contreras

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