Part I

A divorce is just as tragic and scary for your child as it is for you, and possibly even more so. Your children can suffer. The process of your family changing can hurt them on several different levels. They are likely to experience many negative and scary emotions that they’ve never encountered before.

Help your child deal with their emotions following divorce with these strategies:

  1. Recognize your child’s emotions and thoughts. Your child needs to feel comfortable expressing their thoughts about the divorce.
  • Children can feel hurt long after the divorce papers are signed and the court dates end. It’s important to recognize their feelings and work with them. Children also need to feel loved by both parents, so you want to reassure them that you still love them.
  • Establish an open dialogue with the kids. Feeling comfortable expressing their questions makes it easier for your child to handle the situation.
  • It’s important not to belittle or diminish a child’s emotions. They may differ from how you feel about the situation, so give your child room to express deep thoughts.

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