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Parenting: Nature Outings Away From Home

Nature Outings Away From Home:   Explore state and national parks. Camping in state parks is a great bargain for family travel. Check out the Junior Ranger program at the National Park Service. Children can earn badges for all kinds of educational tasks. Plan outdoor activities at your vacation destination. Be sure to include some outdoor recreation activities wherever you…

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Planning Nature Outings for Babies and Younger Children:

  Planning Nature Outings for Babies and Younger Children:   Introduce your baby to nature. It’s never too early to get started. Listen to bird songs with your baby. Admire colorful flowers along with your infant. Read guidebooks and maps together. Make guidebooks and maps part of your family reading. You can point to pictures of animals and plants and…

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Before It Breaks: Help Your Child Deal With Divorce

Divorce Part II Protect your child’s emotional health by working together with your ex. Your child needs to be a priority after a divorce, so they don’t feel hurt or neglected. It’s crucial to find a way to work together. Stay mature and remember you’re a parent who needs to protect your children. By working with your ex, you can…

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