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Volunteers Who Make a Difference

Be a part of something bigger than yourself by helping someone meet his or her potential for success and independence. Volunteers of America is one of the oldest and largest human service charities in Louisiana and one of the most effective. As we serve children and families, those needing affordable housing and individuals with a mental illness, our promise is…

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Our 4 Top Tips For New Parents

10 Important Hints and Tips for New Parents Recognize that parenting is a learn-as-you-go journey. Of all the tips for first-time parents, this can be the most crucial. … Take advantage of classes before and after your baby is born. One of the best places to find helpful parenting tips for new parents is at parenting classes. … Don’t forget…

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Family Ties Series: What Are the Different Kinds of Adoption?

What are the different kinds of adoption?   Adoptions agencies are intermediaries between birth and adoptive parents. There are two general kinds of agencies: Local public agencies (also known as foster care, child welfare, and social services); Licensed private agencies (permissible in most states and many foreign countries). See more of our Family Ties Series : Want more one-on-one consultation tips for parenting visit…

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