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Siamese Fighting Fish

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Before It Breaks: Help Your Child Deal With Divorce

Before It Breaks: Help Your Child Deal With Divorce

Divorce Part II Protect your child’s emotional health by working together with your ex. Your child needs to be a priority after a divorce, so they don’t feel hurt or neglected. It’s crucial to find a way to work together. Stay mature and remember you’re a parent who needs to protect your children. By working with your ex, you can…

Volunteers Who Make a Difference

Volunteers Who Make  a Difference

Be a part of something bigger than yourself by helping someone meet his or her potential for success and independence. Volunteers of America is one of the oldest and largest human service charities in Louisiana and one of the most effective. As we serve children and families, those needing affordable housing and individuals with a mental illness, our promise is…

Our 4 Top Tips For New Parents

Our 4 Top Tips For New  Parents

10 Important Hints and Tips for New Parents Recognize that parenting is a learn-as-you-go journey. Of all the tips for first-time parents, this can be the most crucial. … Take advantage of classes before and after your baby is born. One of the best places to find helpful parenting tips for new parents is at parenting classes. … Don’t forget…