Nonprofit Businesses

5 Basic Good Governance Practices
Maintain corporate minutes of all board meetings (and committee meetings for committees that are authorized to act on behalf of the board, such as an executive committee). (See IRS Form 990, Part VI, Section A, line 8)
Annually review a written policy and complete a questionnaire about conflicts of interest. (See IRS Form 990, Part VI, Section B, Line 12) and document in minutes of board meetings when the policy is invoked.
Approve the executive director/CEO’s compensation and benefits, and document how the board determined that the compensation is appropriate, and not excessive. (See IRS Form 990, Part VI, Section B, line 15)
Require the board to review a copy of the IRS Form 990 before it is filed. (See IRS Form 990, Part VI, Section B, line 11) For smaller nonprofits that only file the Form 990-N, make sure the board knows about the annual filing requirement.
Disclose to the public the nonprofit’s three most recently filed annual returns with the IRS, as well as its application for tax-exemption and related correspondence and attachments.

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