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Volunteers Who Make a Difference

Volunteers Who Make  a Difference

Each year, more than 80,000 AmeriCorps volunteers scattered about the country work tirelessly to make our country safer, healthier, and stronger. Since its inception as part of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), over one million AmeriCorps volunteers have served more than 1.4 billion hours and motivated over 2.3 million Americans to volunteer alongside them. That’s a huge…

Our 4 Top Tips For New Parents

Our 4 Top Tips For New  Parents

From Parents Magazine: “Every child is ready for potty training at different ages. Encourage and stick to it, but remember it can take months.” —April Gaietto “Believe in yourself as a parent and understand most social media posts that other parents do are just the highlights. Even the best ‘Pinterest Mom’ has nights she wonders if she is doing it right.” —Sanja…

Independent vs. Agency Adoption

Independent vs. Agency  Adoption

The numerous venues for adoption can be overwhelming for people just starting to consider adopting. We’re here to help. The first step when considering adoption is to learn which types of adoption placements are allowed in your state. Since laws where you live govern your options, read up on your area’s policies by searching for your state here. Once you know which options are…