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Our primary goal is addressing a secure and customizable framework that meets the needs of your family. Therefore, our customers are able to create milestones and time capsules using our NGO education courses as easy as 1-2-3! This process requires dedication, change and mindfulness; and maybe a little psychology, and extended support. Our team is always at your service. However, we ask you to keep in mind that sometimes issues occur – like COVID-19; and we aren’t always able to respond within 24 hours. There might be situations when it doesn’t depend on us but on the outreach of our volunteers. For example, mobile app, some extra customization, or additional plugins usage may be required depending on your hardware. And of course, an attempt to build powerful communication, positive reinforcement and resources for families in short time.

Two last informative points. First, once you donate the monthly membership amount through PayPal. Our system will automatically invoice you 1 week before membership is due. It is your yearly obligation; by faith, to pay the donation amount for a year. In this way: Your fixed donation amount allows us to pay administrative and varying costs grants and donors wont. Second, we know your child-parent separation is imperfect and there you may experience high levels of stress. We assure you our volunteers; and partner-resources will help develop your skills and relationships to last generations. Contact our support system for further information:

Family Development

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Get the resources you need on a bi-weekly basis. We bundle free books, free member app access and conference tickets. Plus, after your third month you get Dr. Rachael Robertson’s bestseller FREE!!!

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All of package REGULAR. PLUS Office 365 Login and Tools. WHFF Stream Member only access. 1-free course request a year. Content management.

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All of package REGULAR and SILVER. PLUS and including twelve course coaching program with, panel discussion, forums, groups and more!

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