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Before It Breaks Series: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Your Child Heal After Divorce

Part I A divorce is just as tragic and scary for your child as it is for you, and possibly even more so. Your children can suffer. The process of your family changing can hurt them on several different levels. They are likely to experience many negative and scary emotions that they’ve never encountered before. Help your child deal with…

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Before It Breaks: Help Your Child Deal With Divorce

Divorce Part II Protect your child’s emotional health by working together with your ex. Your child needs to be a priority after a divorce, so they don’t feel hurt or neglected. It’s crucial to find a way to work together. Stay mature and remember you’re a parent who needs to protect your children. By working with your ex, you can…

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To Parents Who Want to Help Their Children Appreciate Music

Are you a parent who’s concerned that your children may be missing out when it comes to music education? Budget cuts in arts programs at public schools could limit your child’s opportunities to play an instrument or learn about the great composers. Help your child discover how music can enrich their life. Take a look at the benefits of raising…

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